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Central Illinois Premier Boudoir Experience

Shamelessly You Boudoir is your Central Illinois premier boudoir experience. Our female-only staff creates gorgeous, empowering boudoir portraits for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Studio Location: 37 E. Fort St., Farmington, IL 61531

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Are you ready to reclaim your gorgeous, sexy side?

That side of you is still there…

and we want to help you find and UNLEASH it!

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Why Us?

- Female only staff (who understands your fears/anxieties) and has over 10 years experience photographing women of all ages/shapes/sizes

- Largest and most diverse studio in all of central Illinois

- Five photography sets to work with (bedroom, living room, shower scene, Steampunk and dramatic lighting/bodyscape set)

- Pose coaching through every step of the session (includes body posing and facial expressions)

- Client wardrobe closet to be used by our amazing clients (sizes range from extra-small all the way to a 4x!)

- Fun, empowering, self-esteem building and often life-changing experience

- Large number of resources to help plan/customize your session (session prep guide, lingerie guide, inspirational Pinterest links, access to our private VIP group, pre-session consultation and more). We’re with you every step of the way!

- Classy, tasteful portraits

- Discrete and trustworthy

 Behind The Scenes Of A Session


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Meet Our Professional Hair & Makeup Artist...

Shamelessly You Boudoir - Professional Hair & Makeup by Licensed Cosmetologist Marie Homan

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What Others Have To Say...

More Testimonials…

"We are most critical of ourselves. That being said...if you are on the fence about booking your shoot...DO IT! Take the leap!!! As nervous as I was, Crystal put me right at ease. The angles and lighting used are so flattering to every body type. I chose to book because I will be 50 in June and wanted to commemorate the milestone. Crystal captured the young me that I feel has been hiding for so long. My photos showcase my playful, youthful side and I will forever be thankful! P. S. Tomorrow I will be a grandma for the 3rd time and, let me tell you, these aren't your grandma's pictures! LOL" - Joyce

"I really enjoyed working with Crystal. Never once did she make me feel uncomfortable, nervous or anxious. Today I finally got to take that big breath of relief and see what she captured. I am very pleased and hope to do it again!" - Marcy

"Today I received my album. This adventure began as a gift for my husband for o ur anniversary. The most shocking thing about this experience is how much this has actually surprised ME! I was super nervous on session day but from beginning to end Crystal has been sensational! It's not just her amazing skill with photography...but her finesse and ability with the subject. Her eyes saw things I have never seen in myself and her talent captured those moments. Her personality guided and developed me into someone I enjoy and love. These sessions are super fulfilling and life-changing and they change your perception of yourself. With open arms and full permission I believe in what Crystal created and captured. If you are considering a session but are too nervous, apprehensive, etc., don't let that stop you. Book the session...the experience will change your life!" - Kim

"I am so glad I had my boudoir session photographed. I loved the experience! I was nervous, but Crystal helped me lose the nerves and have a ton of fun. It is amazing how beautiful it made me feel. When I saw one of the first shots Crystal took, I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe that was me! Thank you, Crystal, for helping me feel beautiful and bringing my sexy out. This has definitely been a confidence booster and I recommend everyone to get their session done!" - Danielle

"On the fence about booking your session? To nervous, you say? Relax. I was guilty of it too because I'm "bigger" and dreaded what I would look like in boudoir photos. I was absolutely floored when I saw my photos. Crystal has a special gift...not only with the camera but getting to know you and helping you feel more comfortable. She is the absolute best! I never imagined myself doing something like this, but I did...and I don't regret it!" - Ashley

"If you're on the fence about doing a boudoir session...DO IT! I just got home from mine and, let me tell you...AMAZING!!! I was super nervous, but withing 15 minutes I was completely relaxed and totally into it! Crystal is absolutely wonderful. She's very professional and fun all at the same time. Never once did she make me feel uncomfortable. I fell like a new, sexy woman!" - Missy

"I am shocked, and proud of myself at the same time, that I was able to be practically naked in front of a total stranger!!! Crystal, you are awesome and I felt completely comfortable and your help was amazing! Girls, RUN...don't walk...and book that session!" - Jennifer

"For those ladies feeling like you can't do a boudoir session, you CAN! I was so unsure how my session would go. I'm very reserved about things like this. Our significant others tell us how beautiful we are, but we don't believe it. Now I'm able to see myself through his eyes! The music, the set up, the conversations...everything just fell into place. Crystal poses you, uses excellent lighting and REALLY works with you to make you feel beautiful. Best of all, she takes her time and really cares. When I saw my images I cried. How can this be me? I'm in awe. I see myself differently now. I'm so much more confident having done this." - Kristin

"I'm thankful I decided to put fear aside and stop telling myself I would do this when I lose some weight! Guess what? I can be sexy JUST HOW I AM! I was nervous before the session, but once we started, the nerves quickly disappeared. I was so comfortable with Crystal. She is doing amazing things for confidence and self-worth!" - Anonymous

"I had my session with Crystal yesterday and ended up having SO MUCH FUN! I was pretty nervous at first, but Crystal is awesome at what she does and makes you feel so comfortable. If you're having a shoot with her soon, get's going to be a blast!!! - Kathy

"I was skittish at first about doing a boudoir session, but I told myself I would rock it. My body is no where near being that of a model. I've had 3 children, multiple surgeries and "life" happen to I sure as heck didn't feel beautiful going into this. Crystal immediately opened me up and made me feel comfortable. We laughed throughout the entire session. When I saw my pictures, I was in shock. I didn't see 3 children. I didn't see multiple surgeries. I saw a woman who could rock a boudoir session like a star! Crystal posed me in ways that flattered my figure and I felt beautiful. It's okay to be nervous to do a boudoir session. Just be yourself and relax...Crystal will absolutely do all the rest!" - Kim

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